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Te Mire Ura - Dancer of the Year | 26th April - 9th May 2019

08 Feb 2019

The Cook Islands Dancer of the Year competition is held annually in Rarotonga. It is one of the most anticipated and popular events of the year, with competitors from the sister islands as well as New Zealand and Australia. The competition brings together the best dancers over three age groups, junior, intermediate and senior open, many of whom have been training from a young age. Each individual passionately showcasing their skill and talent because for them this is the ultimate form of expressing joy and happiness with respect to their culture and history. 

The props, costumes and music make this a wonderfully colourful and festive event. There is also a Golden Oldies, Expats & Visitors category which allows our elders and visitors a chance to show-off their talents and fully interact in our culture. The competition is an exhilarating cultural experience for everyone to enjoy. The competition is great fun and taken extremely seriously by the performers, making for a great spectacle for all. 

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