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Island Tips

Island Tips to help you when you're planning Cook Islands travel

Come as a tourist leave like a local!
Here are some Island Tips to ensure your Cook Islands holiday is the best!

What is the minimum legal age to drive in the Cook Islands?
You have to be at least 16 years or older and hold a current and valid Driver’s License in order to drive in the Cook Islands.
International visitors (over 16 years) can now drive in the Cook Islands for up to six months using their full overseas licence, provided it does not expire, is revoked, suspended or disqualified in that time. On an overseas licence, you will only be allowed to drive the class of motor vehicle that you are entitled to drive in your home country. The overseas licence must be in English or a certified translation provided.

What currency is used in the Cook Islands?
The Cook Islands unit of currency is the New Zealand dollar, supplemented by local notes and coins. The unique local coins and notes are not negotiable outside of the Cook Islands, but are keenly sought by collectors worldwide.

What timezone is used in the Cook Islands?
Cook Islands’ time is GMT-10 hours. Do your calculation before arrival, as booking Rarotonga accommodation to start a day too late is a common mistake.

Is the Cook Islands a safe place?
Yes the Cook Islands is a safe place which is why it is mostly popular for travelling families, couples and singles! Just like any country you are advised to be safe and smart. Keep all valuables in a safe place and always be careful when driving on our roads as accidents are prone to occur at any time!


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we get about a holiday in the Cook Islands.

Is it possible to hire a scooter?

Absolutely! Hiring your own scooter whilst you are on holiday in the Cook Islands is so much fun. Scooters can be hired for as little as NZ$15 a day. If you have a motorcycle class on your overseas license, you do not need to take a test to acquire a Cook Islands Licence, you just need to pay NZ$20 at the police station, where you will be issued your visitor license. The visitors licenses are only valid for 31 days.
If you do not have a motorcycle class on your license and would like to hire a scooter during your visit, you will need to undergo a driving test at the Cook Islands Police Station in downtown Avarua.
Please note that you need to present 2 forms of ID when applying for your visitors license; current valid license from you home country and your passport.

Can I hire a car?

When you are staying at our Rarotonga accommodation and if you are wanting to move around the island more independently, hiring a car in the Cook Islands is simple. Car hire fees start from as low as NZ$40 a day and if you have a full over overseas drivers license, you do not need to apply for a Cook Islands license. On an overseas licence, you will only be allowed to drive the class of motor vehicle that you are entitled to drive in your home country.

What are the entry requirements for the Cook Islands?

When you come to the Cook Islands for a holiday, a valid passport and a return ticket will allow you a stay of up to 31 days. New Zealand citizens are eligible for a 90-day stay on arrival.